What The Experts Say

We believe that clear, free flowing gutters are of utmost importance when it comes to safeguarding your property from the elements, and your wallet from having a severe hit! But then we would say that, as that is our business.

These experts, however, have many years experience in property design, maintenance and development and therefore should know what they are talking about!

“Gutters are there to keep water from soaking your exterior walls and are an important part of maintaining your roof. Because of its positioning, the weather will inevitably cause wear and tear in your guttering so you need to check it at least once a year. Have a look for cracks and bends – left unchecked these can cause roof damage. Downspouts carry water away from the roof gutter and usually have a joint at the end to stop water pooling around the foundation of your home and causing leaks. If there is a blockage in this joint, then the water will collect in the roof gutter – this can lead to rotting wood and eventually cause leaks in your roof, so always keep your gutters clean and debris free.” – Sarah Beeny, At Home Magazine

“Rebuilding a wall fractured by frost – where water from a roof or gutter has penetrated the masonry, frozen, expanded and then split the wall – is difficult and costly; by contrast, getting up there and repairing that roof or that leaking old gutter is relatively straightforward; but the easiest thing of all is to replace the odd roof tile and clear the leaves out of the gutter in the first place.”

– Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs), Maintain Your Building

So, if you need your gutters cleaning, then contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.


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