Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service has gained an excellent reputation in West Sussex. With attention to detail, and a committed service, our service won’t disappoint.

Domestic Cleaning

Unlike some window cleaners, we include a full wipe down of frames & sills in our service.

When quoting for your window cleaning we take into consideration hard to reach windows and obstructions, so you get a fair and competitive quote. Our pricing is fair and we guarantee all our work. If you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of the clean, simply call us back & we’ll re-do it for free.

Commercial Cleaning

Regular window cleaning is essential in the UK because of our unpredictable and constantly changing weather. Dirty windows harm a company’s image, especially if a potential client is confronted with a dirty entrance way.

We offer a range of services for offices, councils, leisure centres, retail outlets, restaurants and public houses. We’ve even cleaned the inside & outside of Hove Town Hall Clocktower. No matter how frequently you need your windows cleaned we always deliver the highest standard of workmanship ensuring quality results.

Whether you need the windows cleaned weekly, fortnightly, monthly or however often, we can get them cleaned for you – even if it has to be done outside of normal working hours.

A full traditional cleaning service is available, along with the modern alternative – the water-fed pole (WFP).

For those who are not familiar with the latter, a WFP enables the operative to safely reach windows up to 60 ft off ground level, without the need for ladders, harnesses or cherry pickers. This means that all relevant H&S laws are adhered to, and there is no risk to the operative or other persons in the vicinity. It is for this reason that all 1st floor windows, and above, are cleaned using the WFP.

And its not just the outside of the building we can help you with. As part of any contract, we can also include a full inside clean – mirrors & internal doors included. This can be undertaken as often as the exterior windows, on a less regular basis or on an ad-hoc basis.

So why use us?

* Reliability
* Superior quality
* Friendly and considerate
* Fully insured
* Specialised detergents and equipment
* Ease of payment
* Competitive prices
* Frames and sills wiped
* Full internal/external service

If you would like a quote for our window cleaning services, then call Gareth on 07814 482996 or Tony on 07717 734671 or contact us


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