Patio Cleaning

Dirty patios, or for that matter any outdoor surface, not only look terrible, they can also be a major health hazard.

The green mildew surface that builds up, plus any standing water, will result in a surface that is like ice. How many times have you stepped across your patio, or decking in the wet only to find yourself trying to stay upright!

By cleaning your patio, you are not only brightening the outside of your home, you are keeping yourself safe.

Using a pressure washer, and suitable cleaning fluid (bio-degradable, non-toxic) your patio can be cleaned in next to no time. And don’t worry about water usage, as using a pressure washer is more efficient than a hose alone – by some 80%. And with our specialist equipment, “zebra-striping” is not an issue. Our surface cleaner keeps the pressure jets at a constant height above the patio, cleaning a foot strip of the patio at a time.

We are also able to clean block paving, removing the weeds between the blocks and re-sanding afterwards.

So why not contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.


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